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how can i convert CD-R To a DVD player

I trying to Burn a CD-R To work on a DVD player how can i convert CD-R To a DVD player

Is it possible to watch TV on the computer?

Is it possible to watch TV on the computer? I want to get rid of my television and I wanted to know if there is a way to connect cable to my computer and hook a VCR to it. Is this at all possible?

How to convert Xvid hd to avi?

Xvid hd how to convert to avi? i have an xvid hd movie that i want to put on my dvd,buy the file is not recognised by the dvd player, video format is not supported. how can i burn this file in a normal dvd format so that i can play it on my dvd […]

“Video Resolution not supported” for philips dvp 3368 hdmi dvd

HD Video compatibility issues? I have a philips dvp 3368 hdmi dvd player + sony 26s550a lcd tv. I am unable to play hd video files (.avi), it says “Video Resolution not supported” and audio comes as usual. Please help.

Are their any tv packages like sky in florida?

Are their any tv packages like sky in florida?

Is a digital DVD recorder needed?

Is a digital DVD recorder needed? Signal from antena on roof comes down coaxial cable. It is a digital signal, there having been an analog to digital switch over in the UK. Have got analog DVD recorder.

Torrents doesn’t play on normal DVD player

How can I get my DVDs to work? I downloaded some torrents. When I burn them, they only play on my computer and my Playstation 3, but not on normal DVD players. Why? How can I fix this?

Can i stream as many movies as i want on netflix?

How much internet data does netflix use? i mean, if i only have like a 256 mb a month data plan with at&t, does netflix use actual data like that, or can i stream as many movies as i want?

Power outage(sp) threw off the cable box

How do I fix my cable box? Okay so everything was fine until last night. We had a power outage(sp) and it threw off our cable box. It put it to a default state of 480i, and well i didn’t like how dark it made the screen so i switched it back to 1080i.

Subscription on tivo box

I just bought a tivo box and set it up. what does paying for the subscription give you? i havent signed up yet and it pauses and rewinds tv. i also scheduled it to record a show and it did that just fine. what does signing up give you?

Will tivo (or dvr) buying in the US work in Canada?

If i buy tivo (or dvr) in the states, will it work in canada? i’m tempted to buy a tivo in states cause it’s cheaper and bring it back home to canada. is there any reason that it won’t work in Canada? Has anyone in canada done this?

How does sky box work on HD TV?

Help Sky box help ok so i brought a hd tv which is freewire but i want my sky box to work on it and i cant find the Chanel where the sky box works on. how can sky on that tv please help

Which HBO channel does True Blood come on at?

True Blood HBO Q……….? I Love the show True blood on HBO but i have all the HBO channels and theres lyk 4-6 of em. Which HBO channel does True Blood come on at?

Moving a working DirecTV box to basement

DirecTV: Moving a working box to a disconected line. How to fix it? I moved a working DirecTV box to my basement from upstairs. My basement has an old line that was disconected. Is there a way I can extend that working line, from upstairs where the box originally was, to my basement or go […]

Night of Dark Shadows and House of Dark Shadows

Looking to buy on DVD….? …Do they exist?; TV Doc. Moon Shot. Night of Dark Shadows and House of Dark Shadows. Have seen all of these available on VHS in the past. Have they been released on DVD?

I still use VHS for recording TV

How common are VHS used for recording tv shows nowadays? I feel like I’m the only one that is still using VHS tapes in 2010.

How to burn videos in dvd-rw?

How to burn videos in dvd-rw? I downloaded some tom & jerry cartoon videos for my son from & then I converted it to wmv file. I tried to burn those in dvd-rw. But it says error occured. Can anyone tell me how I can burn those videos in the dvd-rw?

Each TV need one Verizon FiOs box?

With Verizon FiOs, do I need one of those boxes for each TV? I’m getting nowhere with the website and phone service because our service is new so we don’t have a bill go get the account number, and the account info has been misplaced so we don’t know the username or password, and our […]

Palm Centro wont charge anymore

I have a Palm Centro and it wont charge anymore? i have tried plugging it into numerous plugs and it wont maybe do you think its the charger its self..PLEASSEEE HELP ME OUUT thankss:))

How to listen to music on micro sd on palm centro?

How do I like listen to the stuff on the micro sd on my palm centro? All i know how to do is look up card information. Idk, i don’t know how to listen to the music on my micro sd.

How much would a used blackberry sell for?

How much would a used blackberry sell for? I only have it a few months now…its a dark purple/blue pearl no scratches of faults everything works perfectly…im selling it bcuz i want to buy a ipod touch….bought it for US$400.

“5.50 gen d” upgrade to “5.50 den d3” firmware for PSP1000

Custom firmware for psp 1000? Right now, I have a psp 1000 with custom firmware: 5.50 gen d and I want to upgrade it to 5.50 den d3. Is it possible to do that? And how? I ask this question because a forum told me I had to have 5.00 M33-6.

Listen to 710 ESPN Los Angeles on Blackberry tour?

How can I listen to 710 ESPN Los Angeles on my Blackberry tour? I’m trying to figure out a way to listen to a Laker game on my Verizon Wireless Blackberry tour. The radio station its on is 710 ESPN. I’ve tired a few live radio apps but have had no success in finding this […]

What is GPS? and companies utilize GPS?

What kind of companies utilize GPS? and what is GPS?

Cancel $30 service after buy Blackberry a month?

To get a Blackberry, you have to at least buy $30 Blackberry service. Can you cancel this after a month? I want to get a Blackberry, but I don’t want to pay for the Blackberry service, which includes unlimited email and internet.

People don’t recieve Blackberry Bold 9000 Messenger Requests

Blackberry questions? People do not recieve my Blackberry Messenger Requests, Also I cannot access App World or the Facebook app, unless I am connected to WiFi is this right?

Stop notifications of text to Blackberry storm?

How can I stop notifications of text messages to my Blackberry storm? I have a blackberry storm and I recently downloaded a new app called SMScrunch, where it makes my text messages easier to read and more like an iphone texting screen.

Blackberry Bold 9000 red light no longer flashes?

Blackberry Bold 9000 Flashing red light no longer flashes? I just bought a Blackberry Bold 9000, and for the whole day, when i received a text message, the upper right hand side of the phone flashes red.

Blackberry vs Sony experia

Which is best phone blackberry or sony experia ?

“iPhone 4g” vs “blackberry slider”

Iphone 4g or blackberry slider? which one should i get? im a college student, not really business oriented but i have been using a BB curve for the past year and I have gotten accustomed to the messaging system. Best Answer Definitely iPhone 4G 🙂

How do I export files from or backup iPad?

How do I export files from or backup my iPad? I want to copy my ipad files to my local pc, so that I can have backups of my ipad. iTunes does’t have such feature like exporting files from iPad, also I found it was so difficult to use when sync stuff with my pc.

What is the resell value of a brand new iPod Nano?

IPod Question For You? What is the resell value of a brand new iPod Nano? I have an unopened 4 GB pink iPod Nano 2nd Generation by Apple. When I look up the value to purchase these brand new on amazon it is over $200.

Should I buy the iPhone 3GS or wait for iPhone 4G?

Should I buy the $97 16GB iPhone 3GS deal from Walmart or wait for the new iPhone 4G? decisions, decisions.

What model of blackberry should I get?

Should I get a blackberry if yes what model should I get? Please if you know anything about a blackberry let me know what you think of it. the pros and cons For Verizon

Blackberry curve 8520 to blackberry tour 9630

Should i upgrade to a blackberry tour 9630? ok so i am currently using a blackberry curve 8520 and i was wondering if i should or should not uprade to a blackberry tour 9630.

The songs for iPod from iTunes are expensive

Do you think I should I get an iPod? I was wondering what is the best kind of iPod is the best, how much they cost, and how you get songs? I think you can get songs from iTunes but they say songs are like $1 each and that seems expensive because you would obviously […]

Good artist for r&b, alternative rock and pop.

Can anybody help me with music? I need good artist for r&b, alternative rock and pop. For r&b suggest good artists like John Legend. Thanks

Stop mixing, I only want one headphoe in

Is there a way to stop headphones varying, e.g. when the words come out one side and the music out the other? It’s really annoying when you only want one headphone in.

Why does iPod screen keep turning off?

Why does my ipod screen keep turning off? I will be playing GBA games (my ipod is jailbroken) and in the middle of doing something, the screen will turn off.

Which color of ipod nano 5G should I get?

Which ipod nano 5th generation color should I get? I’m getting an Ipod nano in three weeks and its a tie between green,purple,and pink. Help Me!

Is genius worth using on itunes?

Should i get genius on itunes? does it cost money to use it? is it worth using?

Where can i download music for iPod?

Where can i download music for my ipod? i mean free music that won’t damage it. ooh n i don’t want to go around making accounts anywhere. thanks in advance

Buy zebra printed hardcase for ipod touch?

Where can i buy a zebra printed hardcase?for ipod touch? just like those cases people use for their phones?where’s a place i can buy them without having to buy online.?

Have to pay to jail break ipod touch?

Do you have to pay to jail break your ipod touch? please explain with detail

Will jailbreaking ipod touch effect router,wifi,Xbox?

Will jailbreaking my ipod touch effect anything? If I jailbreak my ipod touch will it affect anything that is connected to the same router as me? Will the jailbreak affect anything that has a wifi connection?

How can i get free music for iPod touch?

How can i get free music on my ipod touch? how can i get free itunes? how do i get them on my playlist on my pc?

Will CD be damaged by putting it onto PC?

Does burning an audio CD damage it? i am trying to take my music from my cd and put it onto my computer so i can then share it&put it on my zune&i dont want my disc to be erased or damaged

iPod touch wont connect wireless internet

HELP! problems connecting wireless internet on ipod touch? Hello, i have my ipod touch for a year and have been using my home wireless internet. The other day it just stopped working it wont let me connect at all it just says unable to join the network.

Video format for Sony Walkman NWZ-E344

What video format does Sony Walkman NWZ-E344 use? I want to put some videos on my Sony Walkman NWZ-E344, but I don’t know what video format to use.

iPod charges but itunes wont sync or show up

Ipod charges but wont sync or show up in itunes help? I have an ipod nano 5th gen that won’t sync any music on it. It doesn’t even show up in itunes but it does charge.

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