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Strange buzzing in earphones?

Right, well i’m in bed right now, listening to music through my earphones, and i’ve noticed this buzzing in my earphones, and I know where it is coming from, it turns on and off when I turn my electric blanket on underneath me.

Best Handheld GPS? What is the best handheld gps to get?

Best Handheld GPS? What is the best handheld gps to get? Which handheld gps would be best to get? There are just so many models to chose from.

Dvd boxset has wrong disc in it, what can i do?

i was given house season 4 for christmas and i have just opened it there to find that it has 2 disc 2’s in it and no disc 3. My brother gave me it but says he doesnt think he still has the receipt. Is there anything i can do?

Put videos on a disc that i can watch on a dvd player?

What is a good way to put videos on a disc that i can watch on a dvd player? i have some videos but they only work if i burn them on a disc then put in another computer not a dvd player please help thanks

Ipod to tv connection problem?

well i have a second generation itouch and i wanna hook it upto the tv so i can watch videos. i have all the plugs i need and everything. but when i plug it in, i get the audio and no picture? i know its not supposed to go in as yellow white red. i […]

Is there a12V DC to AC inverter that can power a microwave?

The ones that go in your car. I want it to power a microwave not like a super powerful one but just an older maybe 600 to 800 watt microwave. I have found ac inverters that will power 400 watt continuously and 100 high peak surges… what does this mean? how long will the high […]

Nady PSW15 600W 15″ Subwoofer?!PA system !?

I recently bought a Nady PSW15 600W 15″ Subwoofer for my house shows/parties/concerts. mainly for my band. i have a small PA system that i use for band practice and parties inside the house, So i bought the subwoofer for the added effect of a real concert/club. BUT! i have no idea how to make […]

I thought i lost my graphing calcualator.

I thought i lost my graphing calcualator. My mom bought me a new one, but i found my old one WHAT SHOULD I DO? OMG….i thought i lost my calculator after i stepped on a pile of clothes and felt a lumpy thing, i realized it was my GRAPHING CALCULATOR. that i thought i lost. […]

Will internet access be available on the kindle in Australia?

I bought the kindle, and I know that only in the US, they get internet access. In Australia we only get Wikipedia. Does anyone know if other websites will be available in Australia any time soon.

if background music is picked up by a mic but is not audible by ear?

What would it mean if background music is picked up by a mic but is not audible by ear? While chatting with a friend on Skype, I hear this weird background music. She lives in Australia and I live in the U.S. (I only hear her, she doesn’t hear me.) The music is in another […]

intelligent building control system solutions

Can any of the business provide intelligent building control system solutions?

Nook, Kindle, backlight?

OK, so I’m looking to buy either the Nook or Kindle (heavily leaning towards Nook after reading reviews). Can you read either of these in the dark? It stupefies me to know that you can’t have the capability to read it at bed at night.

Devices that you can listen to someone from far away…

On those devices that you can listen to someone from far away… On those devices that you see on TV all the time that you can hear someone from far away…can you hear people talking through windows? I had someone sitting in a car outside my apartment for like 20 minutes and I don’t know […]

What is the best brand of stainless steel toaster?

I am looking for a new stainless steel toaster what brand can you recommend. Any reviews would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Portable car GPS units update

Do portable car GPS units require membership fees to keep them updated?

What exactly is an iPad?

I was on the apple website and saw they had released there newest device called an iPad what is it and what does it do, what features does it have is it a phone, laptop, computer?and is it worth buying? please let me know; Thanks!

Is the iPad a big deal, worth buying?

I mean when the iPod came out, it wasn’t that it was just a nice little MP3 player. It’s that it came with a whole new way to purchase and distribute music. To me, the iPad just looks like an iPod Touch with a bigger screen. Does it bring anything new in the way of […]

Altec Lansing or Logitech speakers?

Which of these speakers would you say is better for my desktop and why? Yes I play games, listen to lots of music…hip hop/rap spacifically. I’ve seen good ratings about both on google shopping. Altec Lansing BXR1220

Where can I get a new USB cord for my Sony Reader?

I have a PRS-505 and I lost the USB cord. Where can I get another one? Or better yet, are there are any different cords laying around the house that I can use?

Thinking about getting a kindle?

Well I am a teen, and I love to read! I am thinking about getting a kindle. I have a few questions though. 1.) Can you go on the mobile facebook site? (I heard it can’t open regular facebook) 2.) Can I get on my Yahoo Mail, or do I also have to use the […]

IPad: what’s your view?

What is your view on the iPad. I personally am a little skeptical. Are the selling it as a computer, or just a giant iphone. Can you do absolutely everything on the ipad that you can on a computer (I don’t think so) so what is the point of spending the money on it, if […]

Which stand mixer to buy?

Can some please help me choose one of the two stand mixers or suggest another one. I want the best in the market: (1) KitchenAid Artisian Series or (2) Cuisinart SM-55 Thanks for all the help everyone!!

Whats an Ipad?!

Yeah so i just got an email form apple about the “ipad” that is new, so like is it a computer like thing or just an oversized touch?

DVD player with RS232?

HI I am looking to buy DVD player with RS232. is there any reliable and cost efficient available in market? can any one help me?

What to buy an ipod touch or a laptop?

If you had to choose only one which one would it be? Why?

Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth Receiver?

I was looking into Apples new product, the iPad, and was planning on fully replacing my computer with this new device. The problem is that it is not meant to function like a traditional computer – it all touchscreen and no peripherals. My Concern: I will still need to use my speakers, printer, and scanner […]

Pyle Pro (PADH1889) 1000 Watt 18″ Seven-Way Speaker Cabinet

Would Pyle Pro (PADH1889) 1000 Watt 18″ Seven-Way Speaker Cabinet be good for djing?

Do computer techs use ohms law everyday

Do computer techs use ohms law everyday or what do they use it for or what is ohms law used in?

How can i know if a person read my text-message?

You know how there’s people that don’t received n can’t send text-messages on their cellPhones, right? (sometimes when people send them a text, they receive an alert but can’t see the message, n if they want to see it they have to go to the internet n enter a code with a password.)

How do you create a iPhone/iPod app?

How do you create a iPhone/iPod app? i just want to see if i could make some more money by creating my own app.

How do I put in codes for Starview 5 ?

I have just got Starview 5 USB box and tried to put in 1570 Code into menu but does not work. I have manual but no information on putting in codes. anyone know how ? Thankyou

Can someone recommend me a good pair of headphones?

So, i bought these “True Color”( i think that’s the name…) Philips ear buds and god…they fell apart in two months of use! and, one of the ear buds would shock me everytime i would jump up or move abruptly (everytime i’m skateboarding). So, i was wondering, do you guys know of any ear buds […]

Is the iPad just a giant iPod touch?

That’s what it looks like to me! And are you going to get one?

‘Snooze’ button VS ‘Sleep’ button on the alarm clock

What’s the difference between the ‘snooze’ button and the ‘sleep’ button on the alarm clock? I know what the snooze button does, but what’s the sleep button for?

Apple IPad or Apple IFail

Will this help me? I was very excited when first hearing about the Ipad coming out but now im not sure anymore…. Please read this you might be buying some thing you might not need:

Unlocked blackberry storm?

if i have a unlocked blackberry storm so under tmobile do i also have to have the blackberry data plan to use the black berry features such as BBM

if i buy this guys blackberry, can i set up everything on my own?

If i buy this person’s blackberry, can i put all my stuff on it or do i have to go to verizon? if i buy this guys blackberry, can i set up everything on my own? like switch my number and switch all my contacts?

I have a Blackberry tour from Verizon, when it was made?

How can i tell when my Blackberry was made? i have a BB tour from Verizon.

Why is the internet mandatory for all blackberrys?

Is it just verizon? and why!!! it annoys me so much. its the one reason im not allowed to have the phone. 🙁

My Iphone doesn’t work–touch screen broken?

All of a sudden my phone blacked out & then I tried to shut if off immediately, so I could turn it back on & maybe then it would work again. Now my touch doesn’t work, I can’t answer the phone or even shut it off because shutting it off requires touching it. My Iphone […]

Psp Games Help which are the best which are the worst?

im gonna buy some psp games and i wanna know which i should buy from this list ben 10 vilgax attacks brooktown high cabalas african safari Def Jam Fight For NY The Takeover Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 free runnin iron man

All of my free Apple Itunes are no longer in my library or on my Iphone

I always purchase the free Itunes songs and put them on my Iphone, but I just realized that none of them have been saved in my library (I think they used to be in my library, though) and they’re not in my Iphone anymore. Do you know why? I definitely haven’t deleted them or sorted […]

GPS leading drivers astray

GPS leading drivers astray – Can’t they fix it if it’s a computer glitch? I was surprised to read this article about the dangerous outcome of GPS directions

Itunes help with my account?

How do i deactivate my debit card from itunes. I still want to have itunes but my sister is always buying music when im not home. How can i take my debit card off the account?

PSP Battery died and need to update Software?

My PSP Battery finally died after a solid 4 years of use (fried it), and I’m broke, so I can’t ge another one for a while, and I really need to update my software. How do I install the software without a battery or having to buy anything?

I have a blackberry bold 900 for att but most my apps wont work

I have a blackberry bold 900 for att but not the smart phone internet and most my apps wont work help!!!!? Okay I have a blackberry bold 9000 with att service but I only have basic internet and can not afford the smart phone internet which I was told I would not need. However most […]

How do you use messenger on a blackberry pearl?

I’ve tried adding friends by using their emails & PIN codes, but it’s not seeming to work. They’ve also tried to add me, but i never get any notifications about it on my phone, but I get emails on my computer saying that “this person has added you..etc” I really don’t know what to do, […]

BlackBerry Storm 2 Or iPhone 3Gs?

I currently have a BlackBerry Storm and I also have an iPod Touch so Wifi connectivity is no biggie. I love the BBM concept and I love the SureType keyboard. Something that the iPhone doesn’t have.

Unlock a blackberry pearl 8100?

is there any possible way to unlock a blackberry pearl 8100 without calling t mobile and not paying anything? please i’ve been looking for days now. thanks

How to change my email address on my blackberry?

I have an old email address on my blackberry, and I need to change it to my new email address but I dont know how to? can anybody help please

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