Change Vizio TV resolution from 720P to 1080P

How do I change the resolution of my Vizio TV from 720P to 1080P?

It IS a 1080P TV and I have my computer plugged in, using an HDMI cable but the resolution is still only 720P, do I change this using options on the computer or the TV itself?

Best Answer

The TV receives whatever resolution is sent to it. If you’re watching a Blu-ray disc from a Blu-ray DVD player, it will show 1080p. If you’re watching NBC or CBS via an antenna, it will show 1080i. If you’re watching Fox or ABC via an antenna, it will show 720p. The point is, the TV doesn’t decide what resolution is displayed; the source does.

So if you’re seeing 720p on your 1080p-capable TV, that’s what’s arriving at its input. Your issue is with your computer, not your TV.

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