Fax and Answering Machine on the Same Line?

Fax and Answering Machine on the Same Line?

I have a LexMark 5600/6600 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax. The fax machine is setup on the same phone line as my answering machine (phone built in.) The answering machine picks up after 6 rings, should I set the fax to pick up after 8 rings? From what I understand this would mean that the fax machine would “listen in” on the call for fax sounds after 8 rings and if it heard the sounds it will disconnect the call from the phone and pick it up to receive the fax. If that is the case wouldn’t I want the fax to listen in on the first ring then ignore it and forward it to the phone if it isn’t a fax? Or, will the fax machine then “hog” the phone line and pick up all calls and not let them through to the phone. Please explain the process of how fax machines work on the same line with an answering machine and the proper ring settings for the fax.

1) Phone signals go through a coaxial cable to my modem (Time Warner Cable)
2) Phone signals leave modem via standard phone cable into fax machine.
3) Second cable leads from EXT on fax machine to a phone line splitter that splits phone line to cover multiple rooms.

Best Answer

That’s a lot of rings. I didn’t look up your Lexmark, but in HP instructions, you set your answering machine up for 2 rings and the fax for 4. You record a short (20 seconds or less) greeting on the AM and in that 20 seconds if the fax hears the CNG tone, it turns on and takes the fax.

I could tout the virtues of electronic fax machines at this time if you want. I use MaxEmail, which costs $24 a year if you take a number in suburban Chicago. You still send with your machine, but receive faxes via email.

Works for me.

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