iPhone 4s takes crappy photos, the picture is not very clear.

Why does my iPhone take crappy photos?
It takes bad photos. When I take a photo I make sure there’s a lot of light. Idk what I’m doing wrong? It’s supposed to have like this awesome camera but whenever I take a picture it’s not very clear. Help would be greatly appreciated!
I have the iPhone 4s
Is there a way to focus it?

Best Answer

You can focus by tapping what you want to focus on. You can also lock the focus by tapping & holding until the box becomes a little bigger. If correctly done you will see AE/AF Lock on the bottom near the shutter button. I have an iPhone 4 & have no complaints about its camera. Takes better pics than other phones that my friends or family have (except for maybe my friend’s iPhone 4S)

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  1. iPlay says:

    Thanks! I wasn’t focusing it correctly. This really helped(:

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