I have to hold in my trackpad button to make blackberry 9300 work…

Blackberry 9300 Trackpad problems?
I bought a blackberry 9300, it is out of warranty, but the trackpad is F*cked, when im outside it scrolls on its own, its wind sensitive, im not kidding im 100% serious, when i lock my keypad and unlock it, i have to hold in my trackpad button to make it work, and if i turn the phone off completely via a battery pull, it take 5-15 battery pulls to make the trackpad work, and it works first time via battery pull if i hold in the trackpad button during the entire load up process, also when the trackpad is playing up it makes my phone LAG alot! Can someone relate to this issue and tell me whether its the trackpad or its the trackpad ECU? or a different issue and how to fix it, thanks it would be VERY appreciated!

Best Answer

I suggest you first, try to clean it from the inside, take the parts out and clean using an hair dryer or something like this (make sure it’s not set on “hot”).

If it doesn’t help then take your Blackberry to a mobile phones shop and ask for a professional to repair it.

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