Is there any monthly charge for using Roku XDS?

Roku XDS – Is there a monthly service payment/fee for watching shows/movies, ect?

I was reading up on the Roku and it seems pretty sweet. use my computers interenet connection to watch tv shows and stuff, right? (i dont care about the similar apple product, because i dont own ANYTHING made by apple and dont care about ipods, itunes, ect)

Im wondering if there is any monthly charge for using Roku. Can i watch shows like The Office, The Modern Family, Lie to Me, ect, with Roku WITHOUT having to pay anything other than my internet bill?

i DO NOT have any memberships to any sites like netflix, hulu, ect. Are the shows i watch via Roku still free???

Best Answer

Roku only sells you the box.
You do need a membership fee for any service that is not free, say Netflix or Hulu prime (but basic Hulu is free).

One Response to “Is there any monthly charge for using Roku XDS?”

  1. iGoldenBridge says:

    yeah thats what i thought….

    hulu basic SUCKS!!!! freakin abc had to go and screw up hulu just like google screwed up youtube.

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