How about the Vonage?

Do you have Vonage? If so, do you recommend it?

We just had Verizon FIOS installed — just the internet and phone (I don’t need tv), but we are so unhappy with it. There is always a problem and especially hard to deal with Verizon operators. I am looking around for any DSL internet connection (reasonably under 20 or 25/month) and perhaps Vonage to have the phone, which I saw a $24.95/month plan (including international, which I use a lot to call my family). So, what is your experience with Vonage? Also, can you suggest a good DSL provider (in central FL) under $20 or $25/month? Thanks!

Best Answer

If you’re calling international numbers, and if the countries you’re calling are on the Vonage “inclusive” list (Vonage World), then that’s your way to go. They do offer 30 days money back, but also require a contract (1-year). If you cancel, you may be charged for some of the expenses, not sure. Also, they offer something called Vonage Mobile which plugs into your Vonage World so you can make international calls via your cell phone like you’re calling from home.

For DSL Internet, since you’re in Florida, you may check on AT&T. They offer two kinds of high speed Internet: U-verse and DSL. U-verse is bit more expensive, but it offers more speed and is the base for AT&T’s U-verse TV and phone service (VoIP like Vonage). But they can’t beat Vonage for international calling. Anyway, regular DSL may work for you – $19.95 per month.

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