Can girl freind sue me for my phone calling?

Can my girl freind sue me for my phone calling?

Im sincerley trying to get back with her. I’m not calling often am not use harrassing or violant language. she asked me not to call. me calling might me harrasment. is it true and what can she do against me?? a layer cost $500 to start with and only a letter to stop may be issued. or is it a phone company issue?? please reply soon………….

Best Answer

It’s time to let it go Frank. Yes – if you keep calling her after she has told you to stop, it can be considered as harassment, and more often than not, police take these complaints seriously when the complainant is a woman. Whether it’s right or not, it just is what it is.

Who knows, maybe if you finally drop her like it’s hot and just disappear off her radar and stop calling, she’ll wonder what happened and come back around. Otherwise, just move on or you are probably asking for trouble.

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