What can record and produce very good quality videos for Xbox 360?

A good recording device/capture card for Xbox 360?
So I started youtubing about games a little bit over a month ago but I only had an iPhone since then to record I dunno what is good I know lots of people use dazzles but even the HD dazzles are very bad. What would be something that can record and produce very good quality videos? Thanks I really need it

Best Answer

There are many Choices, but they come with prices. If you are just starting off I suggest a dazzle, and once you have built your channel and feel you have a comfortable amount of Subscribers you can invest you money in a better Capture card. One tip STAY AWAY FROM THE HAUPPAUGE HD PVR, not only is it outdated and bulky there are better cards for the same price. My suggestion for a stable channel is to get an Elgato Capture card, they are small and portable, and EXTREMELY SIMPLE.

Here are some Price points.

Dazzle HD 59.99
HD PVR 199.99
Elgato 184.99

Hope this helps

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