Come out to reposition the Direct TV satellite dish and it is going to cost me $50

How do you adjust a Direct TV satellite?
My picture is ready distorted and half of the channels say searching for satellite. I called the customer service and we did a number of tests over the phone. They said someone needs to come out to reposition the dish and it is going to cost me $50 for them to come out. Does anyone know how to do it so I can maybe do it myself and save the money?

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Pretty hard to do on your own. This is a 2-man job. One person needs to be in front of the TV looking at the signal strength. Go into the receivers menu settings to see it. The other person needs to adjust the satellite. You need to communicate while this is going on. So use a cell phone, walkie talkie, or yell really loud. The satellite moves 2 ways – tilt & elevation. Adjust both until you get a strong signal

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