Comcast don’t come out,but they say my house is on hold.

Comcast house on hold question?
I just moved to this house, been trying to get service out here I hear from my neighbors that Comcast don’t come out here but once I call them they say my house is on hold that I need to provide prove that I’m a new resident, well that’s not a problem but since I kinda live in a rural area does that mean they for sure can give me service once I provide prove cause I don’t want to go through all this trouble and they say my house is unserviceable, I asked and all they said was my house is on hold.

Best Answer

on hold means theres not enough ppl in your area that want it but u can probably pay them to get them too install but why u can get direct tv or dish net hope this helps!!!

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  1. iPlay says:

    Thanks and I’m trying to get internet sorry I didn’t put that in the question, and to the other guy that answered its because maybe someone is going through the same as me so no need for a smart *** answer

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