I want to get a Macbook Air,But everyone tells me that I MUST get a iPad.

Can’t decide between getting an iPad or a MacBook Air?
I already have a MacBook Pro, but I had it for years (and not going to get rid of it), but it pretty much has my entire life in it. I am afraid to take it places because if I lose it, I’d probably have a nervous breakdown. All of my college coursework, essays, reports, pictures, passwords, music, homemade videos, movies, EVERYTHING is in my computer.

Last year I had a close call also. I went on vacation and my iPod was stolen, and I know that if I would’ve brought my MacBook too (which I almost did) it would’ve have been stolen as well.

I need a secondary computer that I can use casually use for school, music, etc.

I want to get a Macbook Air, because I’m a student and I can use it to write papers more efficiently.
But everyone tells me that I MUST get a iPad.

What are the pros and cons? What are you opinions?

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I think you’ll find the iPad to be more fun and useful.

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