Will i destroy the PC fan if i connect the USB cable wrong?

How do I connect a USB cable to a PC fan?
hello, I know how to connect the usb to the fan alright… but the fan I have does not have a black and red cable… both are just coated in colorless plastic. My question is: will i destroy the fan if i get it wrong? because today I destroyed my fan I pad money for by using a 9V AC adapter rather than a 12V

Best Answer

No, it shouldn’t ruin it. Just like if you were plugging AV cables from a dvd player into the inputs on a tv and weren’t sure which ones to use, try it one way; if it doesn’t work, then the other way has to work. Testing it for a few seconds shouldn’t be enough to do any lasting damage. Be sure to mark them when you figure it out. 🙂

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