Is i7 2600 an 8 core processor because of hyper threading? Is that true?

Is the Intel I72600 an 8 core processor?
my pc has an intel 2600 processor which is listed as a quad core

but a neighbor of mine told me it is essentially an 8 core processor because of hyper threading

is that true??

Best Answer

It’s a quadcore processor with 4 actual cores. What hyperthreading does is make two virtual cores out of each physical core. This is why the i7 2600k seems to have 8-cores, but it has 8-threads.

Not all processors have hyperthreading. Only intel has hyperthreading as far as i know.
The i5 2500k doesn’t have hyperthreading, so it only has 4 threads. The i7 3960x does have hyperthreading, which means that processor has a total of 6 cores and 12 threads (2 each core).

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